In 2019 Oak Hollow decided to pursue an investigative documentary feature film exploring the intricacies of a construction defect, and how something as minor as a crack in stucco or water intrusion often leads to catastrophic failure, injury and loss of life. The filming began in Celebration, the town Walt Disney built as a livable Disney World just outside of Orlando, Florida. For decades now, the town of Celebration has been plagued with media reports about construction defects to the many homes, apartments, townhouses, and condos in the community. Quickly, OHS realized there was a much bigger story, one not just about the impact of a design flaw that leads to a defect, but in what is really the seed of the issue.


With the idea of expanding the film to include other types of defects within the eco-system of a defect disasters, in everything from construction to infrastructure, to shipping, transportation, space travel, entertainment, food, and technology, came the realization that a few re-occusing factors were at the heart of every problem - corners being cut, unqualified workers and developers, and most often, greed.


The film, and the series, explores the defect eco-system through a deep investigation into the nuances of construction defects in an effort to help prevent future catastrophes.



OHS, in partnership with producer Jeremy Nelson, THE LA HUSTLE, and BMG, have created the Saturday Songwriter’s Society, a collective of songwriters, musicians, and producers who create original songs and soundtracks for series, specials, films, video games, commercials, and educational videos.