Director, Ken Goldstein


Ken Goldstein is an Emmy Award winning American documentary writer, director, editor, and producer. He is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and recording artist, and the author of The Way of the Nerd book series. After a successful career creating national and international educational films, outreach and advocacy videos for disabled groups and charitable organizations, Ken began directing network television documentary specials in the early 1990s for the A&E networks iconic series, Investigative Reports. An occasional network news reporter, columnist for the Chicago Tribune, cub reporter and photo journalist for the New York New Times, and ABC/CAPCities radio host, Ken has spent the past thirty years creating compelling content for television, radio, and print for a variety of networks and outlets including Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, HISTORY CHANNEL, BBC, TF-1, NBC, Discovery Networks, PBS and more.


 Mr. Goldstein is also globally renowned creative director, marketing expert, and speaker. His clients include Sony, Microsoft, NIKE, Von Dutch Originals, The White House, Catholic Charities and more.

Producer, Jason Reid


Jason Reid is a documentary film writer and producer, and a thirty year serial entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and Chairman of EmpireWorks, the co-founder of National Services group, parter at CEO Coaching International and the founder of


Mr. Reid is author, speaker, and musician, Jason debuted his documentary Tell My Story, a co-production between Oak Hollow Studios and Cinema Libre Studio, at the 2020 Santa Barbara Film Festival. Also in 2020, Jason released his eighth book entitled, Business is Easy.


An Ironman athlete, black belt, father, and husband he recently produced The Donnis Trio’s latest album, Jigsaw Melody, and I Bounce Back with producer and engineer Brandon Friesen and the band, THE LA HUSTLE.